Sirbiladze's Work on View at James Fuentes Gallery, New York

'Good Enough Is Never Good Enough' is an art exhibition by Tamuna Sirbiladze at James Fuentes Gallery, News York. The exhibition opened October 14th and will last until November 8th.

Sirbiladze's works are on display in two halls of the gallery, consisting primarily of paintings in two to four shades of oil-stick applied in big, casual scrawls to raw, non stretched canvas on a white background.

'Good Enough Is Never Good Enough' is the artist's second solo exhibition, she premiered with 'Take It Easy', which took place at the Half Gallery in New York in August. 'Take It Easy' was covered by Forbes and the New York Times.

“Sirbiladze’s work is the kind that requires the viewer’s patience to truly appreciate and understand. One needs to look quite closely, mind turned on, to take in all the imagery living within the shadows of the colors. But the paintings are incredibly emotional, and prove rewarding to those willing to give into their allure,” said the Forbes article.

Tamuna Sirbiladze was born in Georgia, but currently lives in Vienna. She studied art at Tbilisi State Academy in Georgia, at the Vienna State Academy, and the Slade Academy of Fine Art in London.

“My father was a painter. I was 13 years old when I started painting and realized that this was something I wanted to dedicate my life to,” said Tamuna.

Ana Akhalaia

23 October 2015 00:11