Zviad Kuprava Sentenced to Imprisonment

Zviad Kuprava, head of the Law Enforcement Reform Center and active participant of the protests held by Zaza Saralidze, a father of a teenager  killed in a school brawl on Khorava Street last year,
has been found guilty.

According to the judgment of the Tbilisi City Court, he was sentenced to prison for nine months.

The announcement of the judgment was followed by the commotion in the courtroom.

As the investigation established, Zviad Kuprava verbally abused a judge in the court building on June 11, 2018, for which he was charged under Article 366 of the Criminal Code (disrespect for the court). Later Zviad Kuprava physically abused a lawyer in the court building, for which he was charged under Article 126 of the Criminal Code (violence).

By Ana Dumbadze 

01 August 2019 11:21