Anatoly Bibilov: South Ossetia Must Become Part of Russia

Anatoly Bibilov, the de facto president of South Ossetia, believes that "the republic must be part of Russia and the Ossetian people must get united," RIA Novosti reported.

Bibilov calls it "historically correct" action. 

“It will be historically correct if the republic of South Ossetia becomes part of the Russian Federation. People cannot live separately. In one part, in the smaller one, there is a republic, while the other part belongs to Russia. It would be right for the Ossetian people to be part of Russia and after that, we should try to make Ossetia united again, without being divided in the north and the south. This is very important and vital for the Ossetian people,” Bibilov said. 

In his opinion, "if the people are divided, then these people will not have a common development." 

“Therefore, there is no need to change the ideology of unificationThere should be only one ideology - the unification of the Ossetian people and development of this united ethnicity in Russia's development vector,” Bibilov emphasized.

On August 26, 2008, Moscow recognized the independence of Georgian regions Abkhazia and Tskhinvali (so-called South Ossetia). They are partially recognized as independent states by Russia, VenezuelaNicaraguaNauru, and Syria. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

07 August 2019 18:05