Collapse of Ancient Towers Causes Mass Protests in Ushguli

The collapse of centuries-old towers in the Ushguli community of Svaneti has caused anger among local residents and led to protest rallies. Locals blocked the entrance road to Ushguli earlier today, demanding the government and relevant services rehabilitate the historic towers.

Mariam Khatchvani, Georgian filmmaker and director of the multi-award-winning film ‘Dede’ also commented on the case through her official social web page.

“Unfortunately, an eighth-century tower collapsed in Ushguli two years ago. The same happened a week ago. The tower conditions in Ushguli are alarming, 90% of them unable to make it through the upcoming winter,” wrote Khatchvani, noting that we are witnessing the destruction of the cultural heritage launched by our ancestors, through the unimaginably hard work.

She also underlined that the historic towers of the region of Svaneti have been attracting thousands of foreign tourists.

At the end of her post, Khatchvani called on society to join the protestors for the sake of the preservation of culture and history.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: Georgian Travel Guide

12 August 2019 18:36