Gvaramia Presents Logo and Slogan of a New TV Channel

Nika Gvaramia, the former Director-General of Rustavi 2 TV Broadcaster, has published the logo and slogan of the new television founded by him – the “Main Channel”. The author of the logo is Giorgi  Gabunia, the former host of the P.S. TV Programme.

“Obtain Freedom with Us”- this will be the main slogan of the new TV broadcaster, where the former journalists of Rustavi 2 will be employed. Gvaramia himself offered them to sign contracts.

The former Director-General of Rustavi 2 Nika Gvaramia informed media about the founding of a new TV channel named ‘Mtavari Arkhi’ (Main Channel) a few days ago.

Gvaramia also published a public registry document which shows how the ownership of the TV Company is shared: 51% of the channel is owned by Nika Gvaramia and 49% by Kakhaber Anjaparidze.

Gvaramia serves as the Director-General of the channel, Irakli Nizharadze is Financial Director, while the former lawyers of Rustavi 2: Dimitri Sadzaglishvili and Tamta Muradashvili are mentioned as Directors in the document.

Photo: Nika Gvaramia/Facebook

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By Ana Dumbadze 

22 August 2019 10:50