LA Times on Khachapuri's Growing 'Food Monopoly'

The Los Angeles Times has recently published an article on Khacapuri’s growing “food monopoly” titled ‘Will everyone in America soon be eating the khachapuri cheese boat?’

The author, Bill Addison, is a James Beard Award-winning restaurant critic for the Los Angeles Times. He goes on to describe Khachapuri’s effects on the ever-growing cuisine culture in America.  Addison focuses on the different types of legendary Georgian pastry that are offered throughout the United States, stating that the numbers of Georgian-cuisine-focused restaurants are increasing rapidly. Thereby, Addison wonders if ‘everyone in America will soon be eating Khachapuri cheese boat’.

Along with its deliciousness, the Los Angeles journalist and restaurant critic write about the ‘instagrammable’ characteristics of Khachapuri:
“Khachapuri certainly caught on in New York this decade, an easy-to-photograph spectacle that crept into the mainstream after being served in obscurity for years in Brooklyn’s Georgian restaurants,” reads his article.

The LA Times writes about Khachapuri and the joys of it frequently. For example, last month, they published a review of the newly opened Georgian-Armenian restaurant Havlabar in Glendale. Much of the article, the author talks about the ‘doughy joy’ that is Khachapuri.  
“Khachapuri — the doughy joy that falls somewhere between bread and pastry — is arguably the most famous Georgian dish stateside. The canoe-shaped version from coastal Adjara, filled with cheese, butter and egg yolks in its hollowed center, has achieved Instagram immortality,” reads the article.

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By Nini Dakhundaridze

04 October 2019 13:06