Woody Allen Retrospective

With Kubrick’s and Tarantino’s movie marathons taking place in the last two months, it was only right for Amirani Cinema to dedicate October to nothing less than a genius – Woody Allen.

Starting from October 12, Amirani Cinema and TBC Status jointly present to the cinephiles the Woody Allen Retrospective. The event series will project Woody Allen’s beloved classic and modern films; from Annie Hall to Midnight in Paris.

The Woody Allen Retrospective presented by Amirani Cinema will include movie marathons as well as discussions. Lasha Bughadze, the Georgian writer, will open the Retrospective. After the film showing of Annie Hall, the discussion will start.

The movies will be projected in their language of origin and the schedule is as follows:

October 12 – Annie Hall
October 13 – Manhattan
October 18 – Hannah and Her Sisters
October 19 – The Purple Rose of Cairo
October 20 – Midnight in Paris

The tickets are available online on tkt.ge. The prices start from 15 GEL. Make your Tbilisian October warmer with Woody Allen’s legendary movies!

By Nini Dakhundaridze  

Image source: Facebook Page of the event.

08 October 2019 14:02