Humans, Architecture, Environment # Kazreti exhibition to be held

The exhibition Humans, Architecture, Environment # will open on November 7th at Gallery Nectar.

On display will be a series of artistic research in the industrial areas of the South Caucasus, created by Kazreti school students showing their own environment and future visions.

The first part of the series is the town Kazreti, where local public school students co-created art alongside photographer Kate Siamashvili and an analog camera for one week.

Kazreti is located in Georgia’s Kvemo Kartli region. Copper and gold were mined here since ancient times. In addition to the natural wealth, the traces of civilization from Bronze Age to the present era still remain in the town.

Kazreti acquired a special value and meaning after 1972, when a mining plant was constructed and mining specialists settled there from around the Soviet Union. The environment changedas a result of the industrial lifecycle.

The initiators of the topic: Humans, Architecture, Environment # are photographer Keti Siamashvili and students from # 1 and # 2 public schools.

The exhibition is planned within the framework of the programme Partnership for a Better Environment.

The project is implemented by Eastern Partnership Arts and Culture Council (EaPACC) and supported by the Swiss Cooperation Office for the South Caucasus.

02 November 2015 19:59