Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace to Host Italian Jazz Band Sugarpie & the Candymen

On October 19th, the Hotel Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace, located at 20 Telavi St, Tbilisi, will host famous Italian Jazz Band Sugarpie & the Candymen.

The fancy and memorable event will take place at the Hotel’s rooftop restaurant ATI. Inspired by Tbilisi’s vibrant heritage, the 10th-floor restaurant offers guests a pioneering new dining experience: a modern Georgian Grill.

The attendees of the performance can enjoy signature dishes, cocktails and amazing panoramic views over the city along with funky vibes of well-known artists.

The event will start at 9 PM, afterwards will follow the DJ set.

Ticket Price, 150 Gel, includes unlimited, free flow of food and beverage, selected by Chef.

Doors open: 21:00
Event venue: rooftop restaurant ATI.

Tickets are available online at

Sugarpie & the Candymen began in 2008, when five musicians from Piacenza and Cremona – small towns in Northern Italy – decided to share their passion for swing, manouche jazz, blues, soul, pop, and vocal close harmonies.

A band was born, with the challenge to marry all these musical styles.

The band is made up of singer Miss Sugarpie, aka Lara Ferrari, and her Candymen: Jacopo Delfini (gipsy guitar and harmonies), Renato Podestà (electric guitar, banjo and harmonies), Roberto Lupo (drums) and Claudio Ottaviano (double bass). From 2008 to early 2016, the lead vocal chair was held by Georgia Ciavatta.

Very soon the band became a full-time commitment, starting an intense tour in hundreds of jazz clubs around Italy and Europe.

Sugarpie and the Candymen have released three albums under the IRMA Records label: the first, eponymous, Sugarpie And The Candymen in 2009, the second one Swing'n'Roll in 2011 and the third Waiting For The One in 2014.

Some of their songs had radio airplay on the major national radio stations in Italy (RadioRai1 and RadioRai2) and Switzerland (RSI1, 2, 3). In December 2011 they performed live at the historic radio program Caterpillar, on RadioRai2.

To further enhance their sound, the band had the opportunity to collaborate both live and in the studio with some brilliant Italian and American musicians, such as Michael Supnick, Dean Zucchero, Paolo Tomelleri, Rudy Migliardi, Gregory Agid, Davide Ghidoni, Gianni Di Benedetto and Mattia Cigalini.

By Ana Dumbadze 

11 October 2019 17:36