National Bank Updates Georgian Lari Banknotes

The National Bank of Georgia plans to release renewed lari banknotes in 2016. The new 20, 50 and 100 lari notes will be introduced gradually and will be circulated with older banknotes as well.

“This is the first major update of lari banknote designs in 20 years,” National Bank Preisdent Giorgi Kadagidze stated, “the National Bank is replacing faded and damaged banknotes with newer ones. The Bank had to refill reserves. It came at a good time because the process would require additional financial resources.”

The original themes of the old lari banknotes are being maintained. At the same time the updated banknotes have added various new elements to their stories.

The banknote sizes have also been updated. They also now contain a nominal recognition mark for people with poor eyesight.

The new banknotes were designed by Bacha Malazonia. The 5 and 10 lari notes will be updated later.

03 November 2015 17:27