London Qvevri Wine Festival 2019

In 2018, the Georgian Qvevri Wine Festival was presented in the heart of London for the first time. The fest’s tremendous success urged the organizers to get together again. London will host Qvevri Wine Festival 2019 on October 19.

“This collaborative project by a group of Georgian wine importers* is a unique opportunity for consumers to taste a superb selection of Georgian wines”, reads the description of the event. Guests of the festival will have the opportunity to taste over 20 breeds of Georgian wines that have already been imported to the UK and are available on the market.

What’s more, the festival will be as much of an educational-cultural event as it is a celebration of Georgia’s legendary wines; the hosts have organized a corner of delicious Georgian food. A live performance of Georgian dance and plenty of information about Georgia, “its ancient traditions of winemaking, culinary culture and the unconditional hospitality” will be featured in the London Qvevri Wine Festival 2019.

The guests of the festival will be able to taste and then purchase/order wines at discounted prices directly from the importers and get accustomed to Georgian delicatessen from the caterers of the country’s origin. Books about Georgian wine and cuisine of Georgian author Anna Saldadze - Apricate Books.

A masterclass for those particularly interested in Georgian wines and its winemaking culture will also be organized within the frames of the festival. The masterclass-takers will taste and learn more about 8 specially selected Georgian Qvevri wines.

* UK Importers of Georgian wine presenting the wines at the festival:

Taste of Georgia | GvinoUK | 8000 Vintages | Proper Natural Wine

By Nini Dakhundaridze

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16 October 2019 20:16