17 Unique Georgian Film Tapes to Return Home from Moscow

17 unique Georgian film tapes, kept in Russia’s Gosfilmofond - a State Film Fund, will be soon transferred to Georgia in the aftermath of negotiations between the two countries, including the film ‘Their Kingdom,’ which is the debut work of Mikheil Kalatozishvili, a Soviet film director of Georgian origin. The film is also the debut work of the first Georgian female director Nutsa Ghogoberidze.

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport notes that the mentioned film was considered lost for a long time.

Following the deal signed in 2014, the first batch of film tapes returned to their homeland last year. In total 51 films have returned to Georgia so far.

At this stage, the following 17 films will return to Georgia:

Their Kingdom (1928) - Directed by M. Kalatozishvili, N. Ghogoberidze;

Khanuma (1926);

Two Hunters (1927);

The Rebellion in Guria (1928) - directed by Alexander Tsutsunava;

Gogi Ratiani (1927);

The Wasp (1928);

The Kommunar Fight - directed by Kote Marjanishvili;

Bella (1927) - directed by Vladimir Barsky;

Giuli (1927) - directed by Nikoloz Shengelaia;

Ibrahim and Goderdzi (The First and the Last - 1927);

Shelter in the Clouds (Meeting with Life - 1928) - directed by Zakaria Berishvili;

Young Flying (1928) - directed by Nikoloz Kakhidze;

Woman from the Market (1928) - directed by George Makarov;

Youth Wins (1928) - directed by Mikhail Gelovani;

My Grandmother (1928 - Old Version) - directed by Kote Mikaberidze;

Saba (1929) - directed by Mikheil Chiaureli;

Repentance (1986) - directed by Tengiz Abuladze

The Ministry notes that the process of returning the cinematographic heritage to Georgia will continue in 2020, while the priority will be given to the films of the 20s and after the completion of this stage, the unique collection will be fully returned to the homeland.

The complete deal involves hundreds of Georgian films created over seven decades of Soviet rule in Georgia from 1921-1991 including 381 Georgian feature films, 200 animated and 100 documentary films.

By Ana Dumbadze 

Photo Source: Ministry of Culture Press Office 

24 October 2019 17:30