The National Museum to Present First Solo Exhibition of a Ushgulian Artist

The Georgian National Museum is preparing to host the first exhibition of Ushgulian artist Fridon Nizharadze at the Tbilisi History Museum.

Nizharadze studied at the Tbilisi Art Academy, then returned to Ushguli, where he still works. The artist himself says that nature, the universe and Man are his main inspirations. The artist paints, works on wood and is the author of many poems.

The name of the unique Ushguli artist, Fridon Nizharadze, is probably unknown to many, though he is well known to numerous Georgians and foreign tourists who have visited Ushguli and seen the works of this great Svan artist. He has been written about by foreigners many times and many stories and videos have been dedicated to him in Georgia: it is that difficult to see and not be amazed by the genius residing in a small house in a small mountain village in the Svaneti region.

Fridon Nizharadze has never had an exhibition – this will be his first. The exhibition, featuring 40 paintings by the artist, will open on November 2 and will last until November 15.

By Mariam Merabishvili

Source: Georgian National Museum and FB Page

24 October 2019 21:03