Parulava Discusses Plans to Convert Mansion into Hotel

The expensive, chic mansion of a Georgian actress and TV host Ia Parulava is an object of much envy among her peers. The mansion is located in Old Tbilisi and is estimated to cost over a million USD. 

“At first, I wanted to live there, hence I designed most of features myself,” said Parulava. Then I was thinking about selling it, but at the end I chose to transform it into a hotel. So now we are remaking it. This means an all-out war with the architect – he is adamant on preserving the beauty, while I just want to have as many rooms as possible. I will assume the role of a hostess, since receiving guests is pure pleasure to me. Fortunately, there are lots of tourists coming to Georgia and I’m quite sure we won’t be short on clientele,” she added. Parulava explains that 25% of shares did indeed belong to her ex-husband Fadi Asli, but she has recently became the mansion's only owner.

04 June 2015 14:07