Vice News' Documentary: Georgia’s Creeping Occupation

U.S-based international news organization VICE News, dives into Georgia's troubling breakaway regions in their documentary ‘Russians are coming: Georgia’s creeping occupation”. 

Simon Ostrovsky visits villages along the Tskhinvali occupation line and talks with the local population left beyond the wired fences. 

The documentary briefly dives into the detention and release of Georgian shepherds accused of illegally crossing the administrative borderline, as well as the opening of a Joint NATO-Georgia Training and Assessment Center.

It further describes how South Ossetia, one of the two regions involved in the 2008 Georgian-Russian war, has lately even drifted further away after installing new border demarcation signposts - resulting in one of BP pipelines ending up on the Russian controlled territory. 

“So, Russia has capability to sabotage its operations anytime it wants to. Russians detain anybody who crosses the new de-facto border,” says the American Journalist. 

“The entire world considers the land on both sides of this fence belongs to Georgia, only Russia says the land over here is a part of an independent country named South Ossetia,” Ostrovsky says. 

05 November 2015 15:24