Israeli Chamber of Business Welcomes The Registry Collection by Wyndham to Georgia

World brand Wyndham is expanding its business in Georgia. On November 13, an agreement will be signed on awarding an exclusive high-end brand, The Registry Collection, to a company-owned hotel under construction in Abanotubani with the Israeli-Georgian Chamber of Business member company MCI in old Tbilisi.

Wyndham representatives spent a year studying the project, its benefits, and decided that the hotel would work with Wyndham‘s high-end brand, The Registry Collection.

Another reason that got the hotel world-class status was its owner's experience in the field - it has already built a 5-star Wyndham Grand in Tbilisi and the Rustaveli Hotel on Liberty (Freedom) Square, which is now run by Badagoni.

According to Itsik Moshe, president of the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business, Wyndham, a world-class brand, always has high demands especially with regards its Registry Collection, and in this case its decision was driven by its unique location, its prospects, owners' experience and their confidence in the Georgian side.

Moshe notes that the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business has been helping to attract high-budget tourists from Israel and the world’s Jewry in recent years. To this end, Israeli television has produced several shows on Georgia's tourism potential, and the Israeli House, along with the Council of Europe, is implementing the Jewish Cultural Heritage Route in Georgia, something which leading circles of world Jewry are highly interested in. The MCI-owned hotel, managed by The Registry Collection by Wyndham, will become another tool for attracting high-budget tourists. The signing ceremony will be held at the hotel Wyndham Grand and will be attended by the leadership of Wyndham Europe.

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By Mariam Merabishvili

11 November 2019 19:31