New LGBT-themed Street Art in Tbilisi

Gagosh is the pseudonym of a Tbilisi-born, Georgia-based street artist who creates stencils, installations, street poetry, and mosaics. In the underground areas of Tbilisi, one often passes by the works of Gagosh, usually the artist’s reflection of recent developments in the country, political or otherwise. It was even expected that the street artist would speak up about the recent homophobic wave that hit Georgia as an answer to ‘And Then We Danced’ movie screenings.

The new stencil showcases a cupid with a rainbow of colored pencils and a fully-equipped army aiming arrows at the son of the love goddess Aphrodite.

“It’s the war between Cupid and an armed group, that are hiding behind their shields, protecting themselves from the colors of Cupid, as they are afraid it will change their orientation,” explains the artist.

The street art is the reaction of Gagosh to the reaction of ultra-right-wing supporters’ on ‘And Then We Danced’ -the first Georgian movie about gay love.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: Gagosh on Facebook.

12 November 2019 12:27