Protests Take Place in Kutaisi

The capital of Georgia is not the only city protesting today’s events in the country. Kutaisi, the capital of region Imereti, and the city often called the second capital of Georgia, hosted demonstrations today protesting the rejection of the bill on constitutional amendments relating to the electoral system in the first reading. The protesters were gathered around the Meskhishvili theater, calling all the deputies not favoring the change to proportional “Gavrilovs”. 

The members of these demonstrations then moved to the entrance of the Municipality Administrator building. One of the deputies of the city, Dimitri Mkheidze’s office is located there. Mkheide is one of those deputies who abstained when voting in the Parliamentary session today. The social activists outside the Gov’t building in Kutaisi read out loud all the names of the 35 deputies who abstained from the voting. Then symbolically and somewhat dramatically, the activists burned the papers that carried the names of these 35 deputies.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: 123RF.

14 November 2019 22:23