PM: Govt' Will Do its Best to Make Business Environment Stable and Positive

“Irrespective of the current democratic political processes, the Government will do its best to make the business environment stable and positive,” stated the Prime Minister of Georgia.

“A free, successful and strong business is important as a means to create new and additional jobs, as the strongest tool to develop the country,” Giorgi Gakharia stated at a meeting with the Business Association of Georgia (BAG) today.

The Head of Government of Georgia presented Mikheil Daushvili, Business Ombudsman to the BAG members and stressed that he will be the effective liaison between the authorities and businesses.

“It is very important to have a direct and efficient link, which will definitely be held by Mikheil Daushvili. Each and every problem that reaches him will end up on my desk within a matter of minutes or an hour,” he added, noting that a stable environment is one of the most significant factors for the economy and businesses.

“I wish to assure you, irrespective of the democratic political process, which is sometimes happening in the streets, Parliament, media and in various other mediums, the government will do its best for the business and economy. We will achieve this goal and make the environment stable, foreseeable and – what is most important – positive. We do everything to let this election year flow in a peaceful manner to let the investments flow, create new jobs and push for many legislative amendments. Predominantly, it should all be foreseeable," the PM saida.

Gakharia went on to note that those bureaucratic challenges that are faced by businesses in certain cases and take form of the Disputes Resolution Council, property management and others will be addressed in the nearest future.

“The greatest challenge of all will be jobs, education and security in our country in the nearest future. Our cooperation has a huge importance towards all these directions. It will have an effective, efficient, specific target-oriented, principle-based work format. Foreseeable and stable environment for business and economic performance should be our main goal in the coming year. Government and I will do our best towards this end. Your perception and transmission impact that you all have are significant here. Hence, we should be partners to each other and work towards creating more jobs together, have more and stronger Georgian companies and grow the economy of the country together. I am confident that irrespective of the fact that a lot of work is ahead of us in the current and following year, we are also bound to achieve success by staying together,” he concluded.

19 November 2019 15:04