Rebranding of Luca Polare – the Georgian Brand Gets Ready to Go International

Luca Polare has rebranded after operating 11 years, with the help of a German company changing its logo and mission. Its concept and communication standards have also been updated.

“It is time for changes in Luca’s life,” says Ani Tsitskishvili, Head of Public Relations and Marketing. “For 11 years, it has been gaining the love of customers. The brand honestly fulfilled its main promise to offer guests the best quality ice cream and many other discoveries. The brand has become more global in its substance and content than just the best ice cream and exclusive coffee, so the time for change has come. The new logo has become more minimalistic, modern and international, while the brand's main idea is fully based on creating emotions, inspiration and happy moments.”

The rebranding process is the initial stage of implementing big plans for the company, as the Georgian brand is planning to enter the international market.

“The company is at an important stage and we have begun implementing big plans through the rebranding process,” notes Thea Tabagari, the Director of the Company. “11 years of successful business in Georgia are the basis for the brand to gain international brand status. Active work in this area has already begun and you will soon meet Luca in neighboring countries.”

Luca Polare is an ice cream parlor network that offers its customers up to 60 varieties of ice cream and exclusive coffee. The brand is currently represented in three cities across Georgia, with 10 branches in Tbilisi, four in Batumi and one in Kobuleti.

The company continues to develop throughout Georgia and continiously works on opening new branches throughout.

21 November 2019 17:04