Natakhtari Platinum - Taste of 4 Grains Limited Edition!

A new brand has appeared on the Georgian beer market. Natakhtari always strives to offer its customers a brand new recipe. In this case we are talking about special bottling. This is a new taste for beer drinkers, Natakhtari Platinum - 4 Grains Taste, made with four types of specially elected malts (barley, wheat, rye, oats).

The new brand has already been launched and is being sold throughout Georgia. Although limited in quantity, consumers have already begun sharing their impressions with the company.

After tasting this beer, a few artistic references came back to the company. This is one of them: "The lightness of oats blends harmoniously with the flavor of the special common hop and, together with Natakhtari's natural water, creates a diverse and completely new flavor for beer lovers."

As Anna Qarchava, Senior Brand Manager at Natakhtari explains: “Natakhtari Platinum is made from seasonal ingredients (four kinds of malt) which are an autumn crop. This is why it is only available in limited quantities and therefore will be on sale for a limited time. We recommend everyone act quick to taste high quality Georgian beer made from four types of selected malt. "

By Mariam Merabishvili

05 December 2019 17:45