British DJ Jamz Supernova Live Set Completes UK/Georgia 2019 Season

As part of the UK/Georgia 2019 season on 13 December, British Council Georgia, in collaboration with Tempo RadioLab and Khidi/G2 Club, presented a workshop hosted by the versatile British musician, DJ and Radio Selector presenter Jamz Supernova. The workshop shared the DJ’s experience with local musicians.

On December 15, Jamz Supernova performed at Khidi/G2.

Jamz Supernova is one of the leading next-generation DJs in the UK. A keen agent for change, Jamz created DIY Generation – a spotlight on amazing young people building and owning their own careers, highlighting women and people of color.

The UK/Georgia 2019 season was a specially curated program of more than 60 events jointly presented by the British Embassy in Tbilisi and British Council in Georgia, which ran from September to December 2019. UK/Georgia 2019 included events in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and other locations across Georgia and showcased the best that modern, diverse, global Britain has to offer in culture, sport, education and business. It drew on the shared values of both the UK and Georgia to deliver a program with a specific focus on diversity and inclusion.

19 December 2019 17:56