A Very British Way to Help Georgian Veterans

A School in Tbilisi has adapted a British tradition to help the families of Georgian veterans.

November 11 is Remembrance Day in UK, when the past sacrifices of soldiers and civilians in wars are honoured.

Paper 'poppies' (a red flower) are bought and worn. Money raised goes to support veterans and their families. This year the Headmaster of St. George's British-Georgian School, Dr. Christopher Greenfield, donated poppies made in Britain for re-sale to support Georgian veterans.

The “poppies” were purchased by staff and students at the school, and were worn when the tradition two minutes of respectful silence was held at the school 11 am on Wednesday 11 November. “All proceeds are being donated to Georgian veterans and their families,” Dr. Greenfield told Georgia Today: “I am pleased that the British tradition has been used to help Georgian veterans. The idea has been very popular amongst our staff and students.”

11 November 2015 17:43