Unforgettable Performance of Sukhishvilebi at the Pyramids in Egypt

The Sukhishvilebi National Ballet Ensemble have demonstrated Georgia’s ancient folk and culture near one of the most magnificent places in the world. The breathtaking view of the great pyramids of Giza and the fascinating two hour dance program of the Georgian National Ballet together combined to make a spectacular show and embodied the ongoing story of the Georgian spirit. The special concert was proposed by the Embassy of Georgia in Egypt to be held on May 26 to mark Georgia’s Day of Independence. The concert was attended by more than 3000 people including high officials, public figures and Egyptian media representatives. The concert was opened by Archil Dzuliashvili, the Ambassador of Georgia to Egypt, who described the Georgian folk concert as a vital event that celebrated the friendly relations between Egypt and Georgia, while promoting tourism between the two nations at the same time.

The Georgian National Ballet, the first professional state dance company in Georgia, was founded by Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili in 1945 and was initially named The Georgian State Dance Company. The Georgian National Ballet has been represented by many well-known global impresarios and companies and has appeared at the Albert Hall, The Coliseum, The Metropolitan Opera, Madison Square, and dozens of other famous venues. During their Broadway tour, the performance of the National Ballet of Georgia was named the performance of the year and the ensemble itself – the best show of the year. In Australia, the company was hailed as the “8th wonder of the world”! 

During its existence the ensemble has been on more than 500 tours across 5 continents, with around 90 countries and over 10000 performances. Meanwhile, last July, Georgia’s Ministry of Culture announced 2015 as the year of Sukhishvilebi for its contribution to promoting Georgian culture.

Nini Gegidze

04 June 2015 20:07