Georgian Library Opens in Qatar University

On Monday, a Georgian Library opened within the University of Qatar, with English-language books and publications on Georgian culture and heritage (up to a hundred units), as well as dictionaries and Georgian narratives in Arabic.

“Today, a memorandum was signed between myself, representing the National Libraries of Georgia, and Qatar, represented by my colleague Sohair Wastawy," said Giorgi Kekelidze, General Director of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia and the founder of the first Georgian digital library. "Being our first such cooperation with countries in the region, it involves many future perspectives, including an exhibition of Georgian antique books in the fantastic hall of the Library of Qatar in the near future. I want to stress the outstanding input of the Embassy of Georgia to Qatar and Ambassador Nikoloz Revazishvili,” Kekelidze added.

The Embassy of Georgia to Qatar has already donated over 70 books to Qatar University’s (QU) Library, including books on Georgian cultural heritage, diplomacy, Georgian cuisine, dictionaries, and more.

By Elene Dzebisashvili

13 January 2020 12:05