National Parliamentary Library of Georgia Opens Cinema Library

Georgian cinematography is being rediscovered worldwide, thanks to Shindisi and And Then We Danced winning numerous international awards. But for the industry to grow even further, the number of cinephiles and their knowledge needs to grow. Helping this cultural cause, on January 15, a Film Studies (Cinema) Library was opened in the building of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia.

In the hall, readers will have an opportunity to find out everything about cinema from a library equipped with Georgian and foreign literature, posters, pamphlets, flyers and more.

“We’re starting with very interesting, though not very many, materials that were issued in English language. Additionally, readers can come and enjoy a comfortable space. In the near future, our collection will get larger. Before then, if you wish, you can donate whatever you can spare – cinema posters, booklets, flyers, etc. Get them to us and attach your name. We will exhibit the donated items in the hall,” say representatives of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia.

The opening ceremony, unsurprisingly, was attended by the Director of the National Parliamentary of Georgia, writer and poet Giorgi Kekelidze.

“We have opened up an incredible cinema library in in the National Library. The new library should be interesting for youth and students as much as it should be for researchers, and everyone fascinated and struck by cinema. The library has already opened its doors for you, cinephiles,” he said.

The fact that the capital city of Georgia now has a Film Studies Library is important in particular because many materials presented there are not available online. Writer and journalist Nene Kvinikadze says that professionals carefully chose the literature and visual artworks dedicated to the world of cinema.

The collection in the Film Studies Library of Georgia is expected to grow very soon. For now, cinema enthusiasts can engulf themselves in English language issues, which, while not very many in number are fascinating in nature. Additionally, to help the great initiative grow, citizens are invited to donate posters, booklets, and flyers of cinematography to the library.

The short and long term plans of the library include hosting lectures, talks, and sessions to share and enrich the knowledge of the beautiful art of cinema in the country.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: Giorgi Kekelidze Facebook

16 January 2020 18:00