Open Forum Brings New Regional Films Together

From November 4 to November 8, the Tbilisi Open Film Forum was held in the Georgian capital. Over 30 films awarded with international prizes could be found in the spotlight of Amirani Cinema, aiming to enhance cultural links and give an open space to the movies directed within the last three years.. These 5 days were, for those who love Author’s movies, and tickets - at a moderate price.

The Opening Gala presented the film by Alexander Sokurov, “Francophonia” (France-Germany). Mako Jaoshvili, Director of the festival, said: “It is the fifth year for this event, based on the Russian Film Festival in Tbilisi, and aims at non-competition screening within the scope of the Eastern Partnership countries and enhancing the development of the film industry. Its area has been widened beyond the post-Soviet space to include Turkey and Iran. Mostly co-productions were presented. In this year’s spotlight was Ukraine. It is also worth mentioning that the Georgian Panorama was added, featuring Tinatin Kajrishvili’s ‘Brides’ and Olesya Fokina’s ‘Doctor Zhivago’s Boys and Girls.’”

Traditionally, as the films are shown beyond any contest, a special prize named after famous female actress Sophiko Chiaureli is conferred to a particular person. This year, Gia Kancheli, renowned Georgian composer, was chosen as the award-winner- creator of unique film music throughout the history of Georgian cinematography. The event coincided with his 80th birthday.

Georgia Today talked to Paata Iakashvili, film critic: “Such forums are always worth attending. They give you an impression of creative processes in different countries. This festival gives a very fertile ground for discussion. I got acquainted with recent tendencies. I watched the opening film “Francophonia’ in which there is a strong pain and regret that Germans managed to make the French culture a commonly European feature. The fact that the Louvre purchased a lot of pictures from Germany during the latter’s occupation was not a mere decision of the museum director, but also denoted the European approach in general. The director is concerned that St. Petersburg (then, Leningrad), did not behave in the same way. The socio-political system of Russia let Russia beyond the common European cultural circle. Showing the photo of Stalin – as the main criminal – is not enough either, as the whole system was guilty of this isolation.”

The Tbilisi Open Film Forum was closed with the movie “Orleans” directed by Andrey Proshkin.

If you missed the Forum this year, be sure to pencil it in for 2016!

Maka Lomadze

12 November 2015 22:25