Georgian Weightlifter Wins Three Gold at World Championship in Italy

Prominent Georgian athlete Lasha Talakhadze (+109 kg) won the gold medal in the snatch of 200/210/215 kg at the World Weightlifting Championship in Italy.

He also claimed the gold medal in the Clean & Jerk competition of 235/245/255. 

Talakhadze finished with a 470 kilogram total and claimed first place.

The Georgian team won 11 medals in total at the tournament: Talakhadze - 3 gold medals, Anton Plesnoy - 3 gold medals, Shota Mishvelidze - 3 silver medals, Goga Chkheidze - 2 bronze medals.

Lasha Talakhadze is a Georgian weightlifter, Olympic Champion, four-time World Champion, and four-time European Champion competing in the super-heavyweight category (105 kg + until 2018 and 109 kg + starting in 2018 after the International Weightlifting Federation reorganized the categories). He is a two-time winner of the IWF Male Lifter of the Year and the current world record holder in both the snatch (220kg) and the clean and jerk (264kg).

By Ana Dumbadze 

01 February 2020 19:28