‘IERI of 8 Infinite Faces’ – Chubika’s Exhibition at the IERI Concept Store

Founded in May of last year, IERI concept store has opened many doors of perception in Georgia’s understanding of fashion and beauty. In an attempt to brighten up what’s left of this gloomy February in Tbilisi, IERI has collaborated with famous Georgian artist Nino Chubinishvili, also known as Chubika. The exhibition of eight unique styles of jewelry made by Chubika will be on at the IERI store from February 21.

Nino is a conceptual artist who emerged on the scene in 1991. Throughout the years, she has created many art performances and shows around the world. One of the big names in the world of fashion that the Georgian artist has collaborated with is Pierre Cardin, the renowned Italian-French fashion designer known for his avant-garde style. Later, Nino started experimenting and transmitting her art into objects.

The performance-exhibition to be presented to Georgian fashion and art enthusiasts is called ‘IERI of 8 infinite faces.’ It features a unique collection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, which are made of brass and are plated in gold or silver. Each piece comes with a postcard signed by the designer herself.

“These items are supposed to be visual metaphors of our collective unconscious, linked to mythological archetypes, which help us navigate between ideal and real, and embrace the hypnotism of mystery,” Chubika said of the pieces.

The opening event of ‘IERI of 8 Infinite Faces’ was held at the IERI flagship store on February 20. For the night, IERI store transformed into a “Museum of Chubika”. Two dresses and eight jewelry pieces were presented in spotlights, accompanied by a mysterious audio show. If you weren’t there, no worries- the museum-like concept of the IERI store is on until the end of March. Visitors to IERI will be able to see not only the unique jewelry pieces crafted by Chubika, but also get a glimpse of her famous sculpture called ‘Elena’.

Chubika received her bachelor's degree in Stage and Costume Design at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, and her graduate degree in Fashion Design from the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris. Her shows and performances have been held in numerous countries, including France, the Netherlands, and Germany. She has worked with many fashion brands including Kenzo and Pierre Cardin, and has designed costumes for theater companies throughout Georgia.

IERI store is a multifunctional concept-store that opened in May on the first floor of the historic winery in Tbilisi. The opening of the store was followed by several pop-up projects in Tsinandali Estate during the Tsinandali Festival of classical music, in Republic and in City Mall Tbilisi.

The store has a special name. The word IERI can’t be translated from Georgian to English in just one word, as, in one word, it means: look, appearance, image, outfit, and attitude. It’s a brand new concept for Tbilisi- a store, a gallery, a coffee-spot, and a wine-bar. Anka Tsitsishvili, a well-known fashion expert, is the creative director and buyer of the IERI store. Sofia Guguberidze, an international expert in luxury business management, is the project director. The design project of the IERI store was made in cooperation with Georgian studio “OBJECTS” owned by Keti Asatiani and Nuka Korinteli.

The main aim of the IERI store is to change the stereotypical perception of the country and to develop the fashion retail industry. It’s the first store based in Tbilisi to gather all Georgian brands in one unique space. The team behind IERI likes to call the space an “inspiration spot” rather than just a concept store.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: IERI

20 February 2020 18:40