Georgian Artist’s Works to be Exhibited Next to Modigliani in Paris

The works of the Paris-based Georgian art talent Elene Shatberashvili will be exhibited at the Tajan Gallery in Paris on February 25. 

‘Portraits Forever’  is an exhibition whereby the creations of ancient and modern artists come together in one space. 

It is noteworthy that Elene’s paintings will be showcased together with the artistic geniuses like Amadeo Modigliani.

Tajan gallery hosts innovative cultural events and brings together all those who create, defend and love art: artists, collectors, curators and gallerists. “Our ‘Portraits Forever’ exhibition takes a historical approach to portraiture, starting with Old Masters, such as Giovanni Battista Caracciolo, continuing into Modernism including Picabia and leading to Contemporary artists. The portrait is the artist’s ultimate test because it requires the complete blending of exterior visual imagery with the expression of people’s innermost personal feelings. A successful portrait fuses seemlessly artistic and conceptual mastery and is an absolute celebration of painting”, reads the presentation of the exhibition on Tajan’s official website.

Interested persons can view the works of the Georgian artist at the Tajan Gallery on February 25.

Elene’s paintings will also be on display on February 29 at Leipzig International Aigen Art Gallery. The exhibition, titled "J'aime, je n'aime pas", features six young artists.

“Both exhibitions are her first after graduation. In general, any exhibition is a stage where you learn about other people's thoughts; you get a chance to view your work from different angles, to temporarily stand away from it. This allows you to better evaluate where you are going, to see new directions, as well as mistakes,” says Shatberashvili.

24 February 2020 15:23