Swedish Explorer Nilson: To Explore Is to Dare

Well-known 'environmental explorer' Johan Ernest Nilson will talk about his explorations over the past 25 years in a public lecture at the S. Janashia Museum of Georgia, on November 18th at 19:00 p.m. 

The talk From Impossible to Possible – 25 years of exploration is organized by National Geographic Georgia, Silknet Telecommunications and the National museum of Georgia. 

Nilson will share experiencing climate change first hand. With over 30 expeditions on his name in more than 140 countries in 25 years, Nilson was the first who crossed the national park of Serengeti by foot and became Guinness record holder in 2015.

“To explore is to dare. It is to do the unexpected and to step outside your comfort zone. Ever since humans started to walk up right, we have tried new paths and tried to become wiser. It is through our mistakes that we have developed and learned. It is through our failures that we have become wiser. You can never reach a goal or a summit without taking some kind of risk. This is what we call evolution,” Nilson said.

Nina Ioseliani

16 November 2015 20:55