Anti-dumping Policy to be Adopted

The work on an anti-dumping policy bill is over. The bill has been agreed on with the government as well as in Parliament. At this stage the Ministry of Economy is calculating the risks of the new law. The bill is expected to be adopted fully by parliament by the end of 2015.

Anti-dumping laws prohibit importers from imposing sharply lower prices on products compared to the domestic market prices, since the purpose of such actions is often to sink local companies. The purpose of the law is to protect the local industry from unfair competition.

Temur Maisuradze, Deputy Chairman of the Economy and Economic Policy Committee, stated that some businessmen are against the anti-dumping policy. Some small and medium businesses accept the adoption of the law in a short time, the same cannot be said of large businesses. They claim that adopting the law this year will hurt their businesses. 

17 November 2015 14:54