Foreign Media Discuss Moira Oscar Nomination

Georgia is to nominate “Moira”, directed by Levan Tutberdize, in the Foreign Language Film Category at the Oscars.

Tutberidze began his movie career in 1989 as an actor. He has a filmography spanning 12 works, including documentaries, TV films such as “I’ll Die Without You”, “The Village”, “Tbilisi I love You” and others.

“Moira” reflects the realities of Georgian life. The film has already won several prizes at numerous film festivals, such as the San Sebastian Film Festival and Warsaw Film Festival.

Famous journals and magazines have written several articles on Moira as well:

“Like Roberto Rossellini’s depicting of Rome in the 1940s, Tutberidze used a real, gritty city for his set, the port of Poti. “Nothing was built” – he said. The family’s story reflects the realities of Georgia. “When the Soviet Union crumbled the system broke down, and Georgia was affected” Tutberidze stated.

“Women go to foreign countries to work and leave their families behind. Some people left in the 90s and are still abroad.” Tutberidze commented

“Today’s films people pay more attention to the technical side of it, the music and I believethey lose the feel of the movie. But for me the scenario, the story is the most important thing” stated Tutberidze.” From

Nina Ioseliani

17 November 2015 15:54