Georgian Student Remembers Paris Attack

Georgian Student Luka Kurdgelia, who was attending the football match in Paris on the day of the attack with friends, has spoken on the tragic night.

He told the Georgian Observer that after the explosion there was chaos, people had no idea what was happening outside.

“No one could think that the sound of the blast was a real one, we thought it could be drums. Suddenly panic broke out, we saw people running for the exits from the stadium. We followed the mass of people. I walked outside and found complete chaos. No one knew where they were running, we could hear crying and shouting.”

Multiple explosions took place simultaneously in several places. Then a second group of terrorists infiltrated Bataclan concert hall, where American band Eagles of Death Metal were holding a concert.

According to the official report around 130 people died as a result of the attack. It is not yet known if any Georgian people are among the victims as the identification process is ongoing.

Witnesses who survived the tragedy claim there were two armed men dressed in black who rushed the hall, where one of them shouted “for what you have done in Syria, you will pay the price now.”

The Islamic State (IS) has already taken responsibility for the devastating attacks. Seven out of eight of their terrorists committed suicide during the attacks with explosives.

The situation is currently stable in Paris and the other cities who suffered during the weekend. A state of emergency was declared, however most institutions continue to operate in the usual way.

Schools and Universities, as well as many other places, have been given enhanced protection.

After the deadly attacks in the French capital at least 115,000 police and army personnel have been mobilized to provide security across the country.

Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, had been thought to have organized Friday’s attacks from Syria, however it is now believed to have been one of those from the St Denis apartment building in Paris.

President of France François Hollande has tightened security measures across the country. There is enhanced control at the border while crossing France in both directions.

In one day the French police have raided 168 places, arrested 23 people and seized 31 pieces of weapons and military uniforms. In addition to this 104 people have been sentenced, Bernard Cazeneuve, the French Interior Minister announced.


18 November 2015 14:02