Head of State Security Service: Georgia Will Not Be a Transit Country for Terrorists

The State Security and Crisis Management Council met today upon the invitation of Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

After the session, dedicated to the security issues of Georgia, the Head of State Security Service of Georgia Vakhtang Gomelauri commented on recent steps taken by the Georgian authorities in reflection of last Friday's terrorist attack in Paris, France.

“During the council meeting, we discussed the activities that have been carried out in Georgia following the terrorist attacks in Paris. The night after the Paris attacks, a meeting was held at the State Security Service that brought together heads of various departments as well as the head of the counterterrorism department. We made certain decisions. A reinforced border control was established for visitors from various countries, especially from Asian and African ones," he said.

"We are committed to preventing any opportunity for Georgia to be used as a transit country and to prevent the flow of those people to Syria whose purpose is to take part in combat operations. We’ve already prevented the entrance of several people into our country," Gomelauri said. 

"Worthy of note is the fact that we have reinforced border and checkpoint control in several directions. The State Security Service of Georgia has carried out very coordinated work with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and we continue the cooperation. Even today, we have planned a number of reinforcement measures including the establishment of stricter control over strategic facilities. Georgia took precautions and reinforcement measures the very morning after the terrorist attack in Paris."

Mindia Janelidze, one of the heads of the Council, told reporters that issues related to security would be under permanent monitoring.

According to Janelidze, international terrorism concerns were discussed during the meeting. “We have covered every detail connected to providing security to our country,” Janelidze commented, adding that he is unable to disclose some of the information discussed during the session.

Janelidze emphasized that Georgia is one of the most secure countries in the world, being listed among the top ten in terms of national security.

Giorgi Mgebrishvili, the Georgian Interior Minister stated after the session that is was agreed during the meeting that the taking of additional security measures was necessary.

“As for my business, the border control will become stricter, including strengthening police control,” Mgebrishvili declared. He continued that [they] will be in permanent communication with Georgia’s partner countries and include the relative structures.

18 November 2015 22:00