Georgian Filmmakers Release Their Films Online for Free

As countries around the world lockdown due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, people are turning to the internet and the arts to keep busy. In response to the pandemic, some Georgian filmmakers have released their films to stream online for free. The films are available on the Vimeo video platform with English subtitles.

Pig, by Giga Liklikadze

In this film by Giga Liklikadze, a series of unfortunate events leads to a young man, Bachana, being kidnapped. His kidnappers demand his family pay 300 GEL in ransom. However, as the family has no money, they try to exchange a pig. In a twist of events, Bachana no longer wants to go home after staying with his kidnappers for three days. Shot in Kvemo Khandaki in 2019, Pig was financed by the Georgian National Film Center.

I’m Beso, by Lasha Tskvitinidze

I’m Beso is young filmmaker Lasha Tskvitinidze’s first feature film. Set in a remote Georgian village, the film tells the tale of a teenager, Beso, and his family problems. Beso stays upbeat despite his hardship. He records rap on his dictaphone and hopes to make it in the music industry to earn money for his family. With many bitter-sweet and feel-good moments, the story depicts life growing up in the poor countryside of Georgia.

Jara, by Nika Tsiklauri

Jara is a documentary film depicting the wild nature of Adjara throughout the year. With little speech, the viewer sees wide angles of stunning Adjarian landscapes combined with intimate clips of village life. In the film, humans and nature live in harmony all-year around as honey is collected in spring and snow blankets the mountains in winter.

Li.Le, by Natia Nikolashvili

Li.Le is a beautiful, short animation film about a girl called Lile. Abandoned in a lifeless forest, she searches for her own reflection to try to bring back the world. The name Lile originates from Svaneti and means ‘sun’. The film was created by Natia Nikolashvili, a young female director who graduated in Animation Directing from the Georgian Theater and Film State University.

Security Guard, by Giga Khaindrava

Released in 2018, Security Guard tells the story of two young men who are serving military service. They are ordered to guard an abandoned factory, which was recently sold, to prevent anyone from entering. Everything goes smoothly until workers arrive and attempt to get inside to finish the work they started. This short 25-minute film is both entertaining and poignant.

Line of Credit, by Nutsa Alexsi-Meskhishvili

Line of Credit is the work of acclaimed Georgian female screenwriter, producer and director, Nutsa Aleksi-Meskhishvili. In the film, Nino, a forty-year-old woman, struggles to come to terms with the collapse of the Soviet Union. In her new reality, she runs out of money and struggles with debt. This moving film received many international awards following its release in 2014. It was also featured at the Venice Film Festival.

Ana, by Margo Zubashvili

Ana depicts two days in the life of a middle-aged Georgian woman, revealing intense emotions and questions around what it is to be female. Up and coming director Margo Zubashvili directed this 30-minute feature. It may be short, but it leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.

Salt White, by Katie Machavariani

Set in post-Soviet Georgia at the beginning of the 21st century, Salt White tells the tale of Nana, a seasonal worker on the Black Sea coast. Nana’s dream is to open a small cafe in her home town with her savings from the job. Nana meets a refugee from Abkahzia, Niko, and they both bump into Sopo, a homeless child, who brings their world view into question. This beautiful and moving film was awarded Best Debut and Best Male Actor at the Cottbus International Film Festival and recognized at the Montreal World Cinema Film Festival.

By Amy Jones

ain image: screenshot from Ana

26 March 2020 17:43