Qedeli Handmade Cup Accessories Help Launch McDonald’s Social Campaign

Labor-theraputic studio Qedeli will make handmade cup accessories for McDonalds’ social campaign ‘Closer, Easier’.

The campaign, which will start on November 23rd, will see a special menu being launched. If you buy from this menu you will receive a gift.

Traditionally McDonald’s has had a lot of involvement with charity. Donations will be 100% given to the orphanage for children with disabilities in Kojori, a small town in Georgia, and will be used to improve living conditions and allow more social integration for the beneficiaries.

“We are pleased that McDonald’s has launched such a large scaled cooperation with the social enterprise. We have a new campaign slogan ‘Closer, Easier’ which is particularly applicable to this partnership. In the restaurant, where the campaign will be announced, McDonald’s customers will be met by managers who underwent training in sign language. There will be an adapted environment, ramps and a menu in Braille letters. I hope our loyal customers will be actively involved in this initiative and contribute to the charity,” General Director of McDonald’s Tengiz Kapanadze stated. 

Photo from bpi.ge

20 November 2015 16:09