“Live Books in Penitentiary Departments” Project by Ministry of Culture

“Live Books in Penitentiary Departments” is a new unprecedented project supported by the Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, Mikheil Giorgadze and the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance Kakha Khakhishvili.

It is believed, that modern Georgian writers should be able to visit public schools, libraries, museums as well as penitentiary departments and show their works to the prisoners.

The creator of the project is the Ministry of Culture. A memorandum between the agencies in Rustavi Penitentiary department 16 was signed by the ministers.

The first meeting has already been held where writers Beka Kurkhuli, Maka Ldokoneli, Vasil Guleuri, Nikoloz Jorjabeli along with Ministers visited Rustavi penitentiary department 16.

More than 120 meetings have already been held with the locals. As part of the meetings in the regions the writers were writing diaries and records as well.

According to the organizers “Diaries of the writers” will be published when the project ends.

Nina Ioseliani

24 November 2015 15:02