Iconic Investor Sanan Sanani Shares the Keys to His Success

Climbing the ladder of success is no easy feat. Despite what most people on the internet tell you, it is not going to happen overnight. It can happen when you're young though. And, of course, if you have the right set of characteristics. Success is in your vision and mindset.

Iconic investor Sanan Sanani became a real estate giant before he was even 25. He first built his network of fascinating mentors in Dubai, establishing himself among international investors and entrepreneurs in UAE. He and his father anticipated long ago that Dubai would become what it is now: a business utopia in the desert by the Persian Gulf. 

Here, he shares his keys to achieving the best in the real estate business, especially in flourishing property markets like Dubai and Tbilisi:

First Key: Perseverance, Persistence and Discipline

Business ain’t no place for quitters. You have to stick to what feels right and never give up. A lot of people lost great opportunities by letting an idea slip through their fingers, only to see someone else turn it into a million-dollar project later on.

In the world of business, especially real estate, there are so many haters, procrastinators and conservatives. People who would tell you that this place is going nowhere or this property has no future. A lot of others listen to them and lose the game. 

Sanan believed that Dubai would have a great future and would become a business core. He now has the same insights for Tbilisi, Georgia. He strongly recommends that now is the time to dive in and make an investment. 

To run a successful career, one should show discipline. With discipline, you can find out what is going right and what is not. You can evaluate your situations and make the right decision. Even if you do make a bad decision, there will be ways to solve them with discipline. 


Second Key: The Ability to Unlearn and Relearn

Most of what you learned might be wrong. Be flexible. Be open to new ideas. Be ready to learn the new stuff and be the better version of yourself. For years, Sanan thought he was doing the right thing. He was working in a VIP as a coordinator, and enjoyed parties and famous people all around him. It was indeed great, but one day, he realized there was a better version. He was ready to unlearn and relearn a more lucrative way of life. He turned into a real estate investor and became successful in his career by managing to own 10 properties before the age of 25.


Third Key: Mentors

Constant learning is the key. Sanan takes pride in all the time in his life when he has decided to learn something. Having the right mentors helped him find the right way to success. 


Bottom Line

Sanan expresses the bottom line as this:

"Build the attitude that you can never know everything. Get ready to learn and share. Create a chain not a bubble. Success will follow suit".

18 April 2020 15:01