Survey: COVID-19 Impact on Creative Industry

The online platform 'Creative Industries Challenges' has published results of a survey conducted among artists and art managers. 

Georgia's creative industry sector has been hit hard by the global pandemic crisis. This circumstance led to the creation of an online platform for industry representatives to have an online space where, in the current situation, they could share with each other both specific problems and challenges in the field and discuss ways to solve them.

The first initiative of the group 'Creative Industries Challenges' was to conduct a survey of people involved in the creative industry/culture sector, which will help in the future to analyze the situation and develop the necessary recommendations in the current difficult reality. Levan Geliashvili, Zviad Eliziani, Elene Mechitova and Nino Tsitlanadze, leading figures in the field of culture, participated in the development of the questionnaire.

A total of 81 participants were interviewed.

The survey results show that the majority of respondents, in particular, 44%, who earn income through creative activities, states that the pandemic had a very negative financial impact on them. 

44,7% of respondents have completely lost their sources of income during the pandemic. 

45,7% of respondents claim that they do not have any other alternative source of income except creative activities. 

71,6% states that they had to postpone all their scheduled activities for April-June 2020. 

46,9% notes that it is impossible to transform their projects in a virtual/online format for the future. 

In addition, respondents say that the majority of their projects and plans should have been implemented during the active tourist season.

At the same time, 23,5% of respondents do not have an activity adaptation plan, while 53% are not determined yet. 

The online platform 'Creative Industries Challenges' was created in March 2020 and today unites more than 400 representatives of the field.

Two main purposes of an online platform are: 

1. Facilitate communication between creative industries and other interested people/sectors (public sector, business sector, startups, media, students);
2. Promote non-formal education in the creative industry sector and create the first open e-library;

The founders of the online platform are Nino Tsitlanadze, Doctor of Arts Management and GIPA Lecturer, and Levan Geliashvili, Cultural Leader, the Founder of the Black Sea Sound Festival and the Gallery ART UP.

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05 May 2020 17:53