Zhizhilashvili, Sanaia Quit while On-Air

On Friday, the anchors of 'Politmeter' TV program of TV Pirveli Vakho Sanaia and Nino Zhizhilashvili have announced they are leaving the channel while on air. The journalists and producers who have been working on the program have also quit TV Pirveli.

Wrapping up the program, Sanaia addressed the audience: “this is the last 'Politmeter' you’re watching on the air of TV Pirveli,” adding on later that throughout his journalistic career, he has worked with TV Pirveli the longest.
“The reason is the recent developments – our visions do not agree with the visions of the management. Our leaving does not imply any personal issues with the channel, the reasons are strictly work-related and fundamental differences,” said Zhizhilashvili.

“To put it simply and honestly, we do not like what is happening inside TV Pirveli, in the perspective of journalistic standards and taste, and not only. We do not like the situation, yet we cannot change it,” Zhizhilashvili carried on, thanking everyone including the founder of the channel and her colleagues with whom she has worked with for the past 5 years.  

Sanaia and Zhizhilashvili promised the audience that 'Politmeter' would come back soon but they have yet to reveal which TV channel it will be moving on to.

Along with Sanaia and Zhizhilashvili, ‘Politmeter’ producer Giorgi Darchashvili, producer and journalist Khatia Shamanauri, anchor Giorgi Kikabidze, producer Mikho Kotetishvili, anchor and journalist Sopo Maisuradze.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Photo: Netgazeti


12 June 2020 23:31