Putin Wins Referendum on Constitutional Reforms

July 1 marked the last day of voting for the referendum changes in Russia that would allow Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, to continue his rule. The Russian voters strongly backed the referendum that will make it possible for Putin to remain in power until 2036.

Russia’s Central Election Commission reported that with most of the ballots counted, 78% of voters opted for “yes”, while the turnout was 65% of eligible voters.

The government was accused by the opposition of rigging the ballot.

Up until the referendum, Putin was required to step down after 2024, the end of his current six-year term.

Although the Russian Parliament passed the amendments to the constitution weeks ago, Putin insisted on having the population approve his stay.

The vote for the constitutional change was postponed from April 22 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The voting began on June 25 and ended July 1.
The referendum also consists of some 200 other amendments, including a ban on same-sex marriage and an affirmation of the Russian people's belief in God.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Source: NPR



02 July 2020 12:06