Artistic Couples: Polikarpe Klibadze

After wrapping up GEORGIA TODAY’s collaboration with BI Auction about their online exhibition ‘Art @ Corona Days,’ during which we interviewed participating young artists, GEORGIA TODAY and BI Auction are renewing the project of interviewing artistic couples. This issue, we present you Polikarpe Klibadze, a man of few words but many colors. In next week’s issue, we’ll hear what his spouse of many years, Keti Dzidziguri, also an artist, has to say about the world of art.

Who first introduced you to art? How and when did you start painting?

I started painting early, just like any other kid. The first person to introduce me to this world was my father, painter Iura Klibadze.

Who had the biggest impact on your work early on in your career? Do you have a favorite artist/movement?

I don’t know about the influence but, my favourite painter was for a long time, El Greco.

My favourite movement is expressionist – abstractionism. There are many painters I adore, I have named one of them.

How important do you deem professional education in shaping an artist?

I think it’s crucial for an artist to have a professional education to form as an artist.

Have you had to overcome any challenges in your pursuit of art?

This is a pursuit just like any other, with its triumphs and charms and downsides.

Could you tell us of the advantages and disadvantages of living with a fellow artist?

It’s extremely hard living with another artist, if your views on art and approaches to it differ radically.

What would you say about the contemporary Georgian art scene?

I believe Georgian modern art has the potential to be very solid, in international terms.

What is your biggest inspiration today?

Probably the working process and the longing, the waiting for a new artwork.

What do you think is art’s main mission?

I would like to quote the great Georgian poet Galaktion Tabidze here: “What else would be the point of living, had there not been art?”

What do you want to tell people through your art?

I would like to inspire people to be kind to each other.

Have you experimented with any other art direction?

No, I have been content sticking with painting.

The modern art scene is ever-changing. What is the future of painting in this reality?

I see positivity in it. I think painting is slowly freeing itself from different functions that the world made it responsible for. With that, the art of painting is slowly revealing its true self.

What are your future plans?

Just working on new material.

Do you have any advice for artists just starting up?

My advice is this circle: hard work, patience, work, patience, work…

What do you think art auctions in general and BI Auction in particular play in promoting art?

In the Georgian reality, art auctions are new opportunities for painters to make themselves known to the public. Art auctions in the country are just starting up. In time, they will refine and become more interesting for the three sides: the artists, the auction-makers, and the audience.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

About BI Auction ‘for ART’: BI Auction is the first Art Auction Company of Georgia, established in 2016. The company’s aim is to promote Georgian art and artists and enlarge the market. In four years, BI Auction ‘for ART’ has organized eight auctions and presented more than 450 paintings from 125 Georgian painters. In every auction, the collection is selected from among a thousand paintings from the well-known legendary artists of Georgia and also from promising young artists. For more information, please contact

02 July 2020 19:14