PM: Georgia's Success in Terms of Controlling Virus Were Recognized at EU Level

"The European Union has made a decision and issued a recommendation to its member states to open their borders to Georgia and 14 other countries. The main issue here is that Georgia's achievements in terms of controlling the virus were recognized at the EU level, and the European Union issued a recommendation to its member states, based on which opening borders to Georgia will not carry risks and threaten their states. This is wonderful, this is the first achievement," Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia stated in response to the journalists' question regarding the opening of borders.

The head of the government noted that after the recommendation was issued by the European Union, all EU member states made various decisions, based on their internal epidemiological situation – some unconditionally opened their borders to Georgian citizens, while others did so with certain conditions, and this process is ongoing.

"Of course, our response will be absolutely adequate and prudent so as not to lose the achievement that we have today and not to take any steps that would create even a minimal risk of the uncontrolled spread of the virus in the country. My primary duty as head of government is to ensure the health of our citizens. Next, of course, we must be prudent in converting the recognition that we have received into economic achievements for our country. This is why we are talking with specific states in order to restore direct flights, which requires a prudent approach. We must ensure the health of our citizens as well as our guests, no matter what kinds of guests they are – people who have arrived for business, medical, or educational reasons. You should be aware that we have 20,000 foreign students in Georgia, whom we must return to the country in September, once the educational process has resumed. Therefore, I would like you to know that of course, all of this will take place in a gradual and prudent manner, step by step, and will be focused first and foremost on maintaining the health and safety of our citizens, while also being aimed at facilitating the process of economic recovery," he stated.

The PM noted that the European Union has compiled a list of 15 safe countries with one important caveat, whereby this list will be revised every two weeks.

"What do you think will be one of the main criteria for the revision of this list?! It will be the epidemiological situation in the country, and our main goal should be not to allow the virus to spread uncontrollably under any circumstances," the head of the government said.

03 July 2020 17:55