Occupied Tskhinvali Accuses Tbilisi of Provocations

The Russian-occupied region of South Ossetia has accused Tbilisi of generating provocations along the ABL (Administrative Boundary Line) and in advance, the self-styled authorities of the annexed ‘republic’ have claimed that Tbilisi has ‘continued occupation of its territories,’ pleading to the international establishments to ‘duly assess Georgia’s illegal activities.’

The claims come in reaction to the groundwork work in the settlement of Chorchana, Khashuri municipality, near the ABL. The infrastructure rearrangements are directed towards renovating roads to and inside the village.

The de-facto government of Tskhinvali says that Tbilisi is ‘staging provocations at the border, erecting illegal barriers and making new police posts.’

The fabricated allegations are derived as the international community and the allies of Georgia condemn Russia’s and de-facto authorities’ unlawful activities which involve the erection of new barriers, also known as the ‘borderization’ process and the blockage of free movement along the borders of the Georgian territory. 

07 July 2020 21:09