Georgian Basketball Team Captain Shengelia to Play for CSKA Moscow

The captain of the Georgian basketball team, Tornike Shengelia, has decided to continue his career at CSKA Moscow, having signed a 3-year contract with the Russian club.

CSKA published his first comment after the transfer: "I'm happy to become a member of the current EuroLeague champion, and I'm looking forward to when I will be able to play alongside the best players, under the guidance of the best coaches."

His decision has irritated a large part of Georgian society. Citizens claim that "This is not a patriotic move."

In response to these opinions, the Georgian sportsman claimed that he doesn't have to justify himself, as he did nothing wrong.

"I go there to play basketball. My circumstances do not determine who I am. I am Tornike Shengelia, the bearer of the soul of Georgia in Spain, America or Russia, wherever I am. With this decision, my attitude towards my people, my homeland has not changed for a second, and I hope that the attitude of the people towards me will not change either," he said.

PBC CSKA Moscow is a Russian professional basketball team based in Moscow, Russia. The club is a member of the VTB United League and the EuroLeague.

By Ana Dumbadze

09 July 2020 18:48