Tbilisi Hills NIght: A Perfect Summer Party

Many would argue that summer is not officially kicked off until you attend a fabulous event. Tbilisi Hills is hosting a party this Wednesday, promising an unforgettable night to the guests.

Tbilisi Hills Night will be filled with all the premises of a fun time: upbeat music, drinks, and interesting strangers to meet. This is Tbilisi Hills’ first official summer party of 2020, so they are expected to go big. A professional photographer will film your memories of the night and a DJ will make sure the music puts your feet to dance.  

There will be standing tables in the restaurant, however, it is possible to reserve seating tables – contact Tbilisi Hills on +995 577 018 222 for reservations. The organizers have set a “Cool Casual” dress code so make sure you put on your coolest outfit!

Save the date for July 15th – for your fun summer night out in Tbilisi Hills. Bring your friends and begin your summer rightly!

By Nini Dakhundaridze

10 July 2020 19:40