VOGUE: Why Georgia (the country) is the secret Gem of Europe?

Georgian wine, its cuisine, its dance, its music and other traditions have been reported on by well-known media outlets around the world, such as CNN. And only one month ago the US declared October the month of Georgian wine.

In the latest of well-known media outlets covering Georgia, VOGUE published five reasons why you should visit Georgia, in the article “Why Georgia (the country) is the secret gem of Europe”?

According to VOGUE you should forget about Milan and cancel your trip to Berlin, because Georgia is the place to be.

These are VOGUE’s five reasons:

The Calorie-Boasting Cuisine - Georgian delicious dishes such as khinkali or badrijani nigvzit, walnut and garlic filled eggplant rolls and more are mentioned as the first reason.

The bread is in the shape of a pinched boat, stuffed and baked with a traditional Georgian cheese called suluguni.Too tame to try the fresh-from-the-chicken garnish? You can also opt for a simple khachapuri. It’s still guaranteed to leave you happily full as well as soar past your daily nutritional requirements.

Head to the Old City for Some Cobblestone Cool

A blast from the past, the Old City of Tbilisi looks intact from its ancient Byzantine-meets-Russian inception. The 12th-century Metekhi Church sits on top of a cliff, while primary color–slathered houses pop in the foreground and buildings appear as if they may tip into the Mtkvari River.

Georgia’s Heart-Pumping Take on Ballet

We’re talking swords, shields, and lots of lower body strength. Welcome to the Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet. the Georgian style of dance is an intense, chest-puffing production, pumped with testosterone and sweat—almost like a weapon-waving cardio workout in traditional Georgian clothing. Another fun fact? The men skip the classic box-toe ballet shoes. Talk about tough.

The Down-Low Spa Experience: The Sulfur Baths

The ancient tradition is said to have magical healing powers, from curing muscle aches to clearing up skin. And you don’t need deep pockets to experience the poached egg moment: A typical dip ranges from $20 to $70. If you want to get the luxe treatment, you can rent out a private bathhouse, complete with a personal massage-meets-scrub and a sauna room to sweat it out.

Where to Stay: Rooms Hotel

A part of the Design Hotels franchise that includes the Ludlow Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel, Rooms is a chic limbo that wavers between Georgia and New York. There is a throwback vibe to the decor: antique rugs, plush lounge couches, and a very-well-stocked library. Hungry or thirsty? There is a stellar cocktail bar (complete with a mixologist), and the food is locally sourced. Expect to eat up and sleep well.

Source: The VOGUE

Nina Ioseliani

03 December 2015 15:09