Ambience: the Interior Accessories Store for Your Perfect Home

Given the fast pace of modern life, it is extremely important to find a place where one can access all the necessary items for their home in one space.

Interior accessories store ‘Ambience,’ located in the central part of Tbilisi, is the perfect place for those who seek for high quality, elegant home and kitchen accessories, lighting, furniture and souvenirs produced by leading foreign brands.

Visiting ‘Ambience’ is the easiest way to renew your home.

The store presents an elegant combination of everything you could possibly need to fill your home, from furniture to tableware.

Moreover, ‘Ambience’ offers the most beautiful Christmas trees and ornaments in the city for the New Year’s holiday.

It’s also the perfect place to find luxury products chosen for their sustainability, character, and functionality, at affordable prices.

In January 2020, a fire broke out in the store, causing great damage to it; however, the team of ‘Ambience’ managed to overcome all the difficulties and come back with even more diverse products and pleasant surprises for its loyal customers.

GEORGIA TODAY spoke to Maya Jimsheleishvili, the Founder of Ambience, who elaborated on its history, activities, distinguished features and future plans.

“‘Ambience’ has a history of 13 years. It was founded completely spontaneously,” she tells us. “I’m very fond of traveling, and always come back full of emotions and impressions. New ideas always come to me when traveling, and one of those ideas was to create an interior accessories store. As an artist and interior designer, I’ve always been very passionate about collecting original items and bringing things home from different countries.

“However, this process was also accompanied by some difficulties. 13 years ago, there was not a large selection of beautiful and different items in Tbilisi, accordingly, one of the ideas was to create an interior accessories store. I thought this idea would have a good future and today I would boldly say that this initiative was successfully implemented as today ‘Ambience’ is a very popular store. The whole team is constantly thinking about development, and we always try to make our customers happy with exciting novelties.”

Which products does ‘Ambience’ offer its customers, and what makes it distinguished from other similar profile stores?

We always offer our customers an exciting and different collection. In the store, we have beautiful items from different European countries, among them Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, and Belgium. That’s why the collections presented at our store are so sophisticated and diverse.

A few months ago, considering the increasing customer demand, we opened a new, larger store at 2 Abashidze Street, in the central Vake district of Tbilisi.

Our staff is looking forward to meeting the customers and offering them the best accessories to decorate their dream homes.

The last few months have been difficult for the business sector due to the coronavirus pandemic. How did your brand cope with these challenges?

The beginning of 2020 was quite difficult for the world. ‘Ambience’ also faced very big challenges.

On January 1, 2020, a fire broke out in our store, causing a lot of damage. Shortly afterwards, the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic was added to this. We went through a lot of difficulties, but fortunately, thanks to the optimism and tireless work of our team, we fully restored ‘Ambience.’ Today, it is even more beautiful and colorful than before.

What are your future plans? Are you planning to expand your network or launch a new brand?

We have some quite exciting future plans. Hopefully, we will overcome all the difficulties and will implement them successfully in the near future.

16 July 2020 17:54