Volker: Amendments to Law on Electronic Communications Quite Reasonable

Kurt Volker, a former US Ambassador to NATO, while in dialogue with ‘Interpressnews,’ discussed the new amendments to the Law of Georgia on Electronic Communications.

The American diplomat talked about the positive changes that he believes will be brought about through the amendments to the Law.

“One of them is that when you have strategic assets that are considered to be important for the national safety of Georgia – they should not be sold to private companies without the government permission. At the same time, when a private company is an owner they should not be allowed to sell the assets without the government permission – this is how it will be possible to avoid the strategic property getting in the hands of Russia or China. Ensuring this does not happen through the law is very smart. The second thing that I believe will be achieved with these amendments is the strengthening of the administrative regulators so that the companies follow the government’s decisions – that is also very smart. So, I believe that the law itself is very reasonable,” the American diplomat noted.  

The former US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations also tweeted about the matter.

Reversing or taking over past investments can scare off future investors. Strategic asset legislation is reasonable; implementation should be reasonable too. Negotiated solution required," reads the tweet of the American diplomat.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: NBC News

25 July 2020 00:45